July 2015

Diary for July

20th July 2014

Tae Kwon Do training this morning before work. Ordered leads for PIC Microcontroller, finally worked out how to use Pages and Menus in Word Press.  Brief company meeting then back to accounts.  Took afternoon off to be with family.  Moved the spiral slide from front of the garden to the back.  My next project is to build a frame so my youngest can use the slide.  Picked fruit then home cooked salmon to celebrate before everyone leaves for University.

21st July 2015

Met with bank manager, sorted out seo provider: cancelled subscription they were no use on ecolifegizmos after one year.  Sorted out high speed broadband with talk talk.  Had picnic in the garden with friends and family then saw our son back to OXFORD to complete his internship.  Made chocolate truffles this evening.

22nd July 2015

M’s first day at holiday club. Completed wages, sorted out Google searches for this site, arranged visit to Bradford University 6th August plus project extension. Made vanilla cream chocolate and Hazel nut and honey dark chocolate truffles.

24th July 2015

Spent day working on the buck converter.  The PIC program written in flowcode6 worked on in simulation mode but when downloaded to the chip none of the hardware functioned. Had to strip code down to basic macros and test each part on the hardware. Got the LCD module to work but not the analogue switches.  finished work for a week.  Home at 6.40 this evening.

26th July 2015

Packed for hotel and dropped Sasha of at Manchester airport for Sri Lanka.  See her in 8 weeks.  I had severe migrane all day.  Cleared up enough to drive by 5 pm. Nathan at home preparing for concert tour to Berlin.

28th July 2015

Visited Trentham gardens. Met Ellen and Lilly. In the evening met Nathan from Stoke Railway. Following morning visited monkey world the took Nathan back to station for his trip to Berlin.Drove to Leicester to visit relatives. Met Charlotte Millies closest contemporary blood relative.  Had lovely time then drove to Loughborough to visit Scott and Jane. Great evening but too short as usual. In the morning left for Oxford after visiting Scotts allotment

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