Electrical Engineering

My best subject

Pages defecated to the principles of Electrical engineering as I discover them.  Hopefully through my learning process others will gain greater insight in the subject.  As I have discovered during any learning phase many teachers assume far too much of their students because they are too lazy or pompous to understand their students.  Teachers may respond with ‘All they need to do is ask’.  Sometimes the question is not so obvious to the student or the student has made an incorrect assumption which becomes part of their belief system.  Often, which I am sure is the case with many students not reaching their full potential: the student realises they have misunderstood something so fundamental that to ask the teacher will only bring about a derisive answer, with a response such as, ‘How could you not understand something so basic at this stage of your education’.

It is my belief that naivety is the corner stone of learning: see how fast young children develop up to the age of 5 years old.  They have no concept of looking ‘stupid’, experimenting with words, sounds, feelings, emotions and play.  No question, no matter how fundamental should always be answered with respect, it could be the answer that unlocks an individuals hidden potential.

Keep asking questions.

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