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An Inspiring Performance By MBTY

Heidi and Jens Engel did themselves and Todmorden’s Twin Town Bramche proud on Saturday Night with their group ‘Much Better Thank You’ when they performed at the Golden Lion.

The moving  Lyrics of ‘Sons of War’ and ‘Concrete Memories’ had the audience spelled bound.  This was  in contrast with the track  ‘Neighbours’ set to a waltz which had members of the audience dancing at the front of the stage.  The audience was further enlightened by very challenging piece ‘ADHDis’ exploring society’s reaction to ADHD from the point of view of the child and the outsider set to music written around the A D and German H chords.

In all a lovely night full of emotional ups and downs with original music and lyrics written by Heidi Engel and performed with great passion by the band members of MBTY.

Copies of the album are available from me at just £10 plus postage.  Just let me know by responding to this blog and I shall ensure yo receive a copy.

Looking Forward to Welcoming Two Great Friends from Germany

Jens and Heidi Engel are visiting Todmorden with the Bramche Town Twinning this weekend.  Clare and I are delighted to welcome them to stay with us.

We are really excited as they will be performing with their band ‘Much Better, Thank You’ this Sunday (25th June 2017) at the Golden Lion, Todmorden.  I am looking forward  to a great turn out in support of our much welcomed guests.

Their music and lyrics (sung in English) cover many contemporary issues in a modern folk rock ballad genre.  I am sure everyone who attends their performance will be totally amazed at their professionalism and style.