WH0025 – Glass Panel Two Door Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Antique Display Case – For Sale on Ebay

Edwardian Mahogany Glass Display Case  for sale on Ebay

Glass Panel Two Door Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Antique Display Case

This Edwardian Mahogany Glass Display Case is not new. It is fully intact. It had been used as a china/glass display case in my mother-in-law’s home for the past 50 years only moving house once so has experienced little wear and tear. It is in good condition.

Material: Wood most probably mahogany
Dimensions: Height: 138cm
Depth: (front to back) 33cm
Width: 114cm
Colour: Dark Wood

Two Doors each:
Width: 43cm
Height: 117cm
All dimensions are approximate

A very well looked after Edwardian mahogany glass display case. Originally purchased at auction over 50 years ago from a well respected auction house in the North of England. Since then it had only one careful owner and moved house just once.

This piece of furniture is a single unit with two glass panel doors and glass panel sides. It has four shelves with glass in front of the top three. The lower shelf near the floor has a mahogany (probably) front so contents cannot be seen. This was probably used to store cleaning materials for the display or the less interesting display objects. It also serves to give the glass door more stability.

The glass paneling for each door is a two by two array with an inlaid motive of a Grecian urn at the intersection of the four glass panels. This inlay runs around the entirety of the cabinet. A curved pillar runs up the middle of the cabinet to which the doors close. This gives the unit a bit of an oriental look making it stand out from the traditionally plain style of display unit.

A beautiful piece of furniture great for displaying and protecting your precious tableware or treasures. My little girl has something similar and calls it her museum where she displays her special treasures. This would complement any traditional style property in the lounge, hallway, office or reception room. Imagine your guests arriving and the first thing they see are your special treasures beautifully displayed in this lovely antique display cabinet

Item Code WH0025
Price: Only £140.00
Carriage: Collection Only.

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