Carl Zeiss – Noted German Scientist and Optician – Birthday


Carl Zeiss – 11th September 1816 –  3rd December 1888 – noted German scientist and optician known for the lens manufacturing company he founded, called Carl Zeiss.

CarlZeissCarl Friedrich Zeiss, born on 11 September 1816 in Weimar was the fifth of 12 children. He attended the local high school where he showed a keen interest in technology. On passing a special graduation exam he went on to study natural sciences the University of Jena.

In 17 November 1846 he opened his own business building and repairing scientific instruments while selling telescopes, microscopes, and other scientific devices purchased from dealers. In 1847 Zeiss began to produce simple microscopes. Business fared well and he moved into larger premises on 1 July 1847.

Zeiss began to focus his production activities on microscopes. In his workshop, he attached central importance to quality and precision. Any microscopes his staff made that did not meet his exacting standards he would shatter with his own hands in front of them on the company anvil.

Carl Zeiss is also held in high regard as one of the pioneers of social insurance: the Zeiss medical insurance program, founded in 1875 was set up to guarantee employees free medical treatment and free medication in the event of illness.

Zeiss’ collaboration with Otto Schott commenced in 1882, developing and manufacturing new types of optical glass and instrumentation in Jena.

Following a series of strokes Carl Zeiss sadly passed away in Jena on 3 December 1888. To this day the Carl Zeiss lenses are held in high regard for many applications including digital cameras, telescopes and microscopes.

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