Encouraging Children to Clean Their Teeth


Rather than force your child with a tooth brush try this poem

My name’s (child’s name)  and I’ve got no teeth
I speak with a whistle and look like a thief
Having no teeth is not much fun
For when I smile out slips my tongue

I have more verses.

Keep an eye out on this blog for more or make up your own.

Making Chocolates

Chocolate truffles

Made over 60 chocolate truffles.  New flavours: white chocolate vanilla and orange zest milk chocolate both coated in a delicious dark chocolate.  The dark chocolate serves as a delightful contrast to the soft sweetness of the filling.  To find out more and the recipies for many popular flavours follow dadsoldshirt.

Eco-life gizmos a great site for people interested in renewable energy science

Water Clock
Green Science. Water clock. Just add water to start the clock ticking. For the more adventurous why not replace water for soil and plant water cress

Looking for great educational ideas within the renewable energy field.  Eco-life gizmos has a great range of science kits related to all aspects of green science.  Why not take a look