An Inspiring Performance By MBTY

Heidi and Jens Engel did themselves and Todmorden’s Twin Town Bramche proud on Saturday Night with their group ‘Much Better Thank You’ when they performed at the Golden Lion.

The moving  Lyrics of ‘Sons of War’ and ‘Concrete Memories’ had the audience spelled bound.  This was  in contrast with the track  ‘Neighbours’ set to a waltz which had members of the audience dancing at the front of the stage.  The audience was further enlightened by very challenging piece ‘ADHDis’ exploring society’s reaction to ADHD from the point of view of the child and the outsider set to music written around the A D and German H chords.

In all a lovely night full of emotional ups and downs with original music and lyrics written by Heidi Engel and performed with great passion by the band members of MBTY.

Copies of the album are available from me at just £10 plus postage.  Just let me know by responding to this blog and I shall ensure yo receive a copy.

Looking Forward to Welcoming Two Great Friends from Germany

Jens and Heidi Engel are visiting Todmorden with the Bramche Town Twinning this weekend.  Clare and I are delighted to welcome them to stay with us.

We are really excited as they will be performing with their band ‘Much Better, Thank You’ this Sunday (25th June 2017) at the Golden Lion, Todmorden.  I am looking forward  to a great turn out in support of our much welcomed guests.

Their music and lyrics (sung in English) cover many contemporary issues in a modern folk rock ballad genre.  I am sure everyone who attends their performance will be totally amazed at their professionalism and style.

WH0025 – Glass Panel Two Door Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Antique Display Case – For Sale on Ebay

Edwardian Mahogany Glass Display Case  for sale on Ebay

Glass Panel Two Door Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Antique Display Case

This Edwardian Mahogany Glass Display Case is not new. It is fully intact. It had been used as a china/glass display case in my mother-in-law’s home for the past 50 years only moving house once so has experienced little wear and tear. It is in good condition.

Material: Wood most probably mahogany
Dimensions: Height: 138cm
Depth: (front to back) 33cm
Width: 114cm
Colour: Dark Wood

Two Doors each:
Width: 43cm
Height: 117cm
All dimensions are approximate

A very well looked after Edwardian mahogany glass display case. Originally purchased at auction over 50 years ago from a well respected auction house in the North of England. Since then it had only one careful owner and moved house just once.

This piece of furniture is a single unit with two glass panel doors and glass panel sides. It has four shelves with glass in front of the top three. The lower shelf near the floor has a mahogany (probably) front so contents cannot be seen. This was probably used to store cleaning materials for the display or the less interesting display objects. It also serves to give the glass door more stability.

The glass paneling for each door is a two by two array with an inlaid motive of a Grecian urn at the intersection of the four glass panels. This inlay runs around the entirety of the cabinet. A curved pillar runs up the middle of the cabinet to which the doors close. This gives the unit a bit of an oriental look making it stand out from the traditionally plain style of display unit.

A beautiful piece of furniture great for displaying and protecting your precious tableware or treasures. My little girl has something similar and calls it her museum where she displays her special treasures. This would complement any traditional style property in the lounge, hallway, office or reception room. Imagine your guests arriving and the first thing they see are your special treasures beautifully displayed in this lovely antique display cabinet

Item Code WH0025
Price: Only £140.00
Carriage: Collection Only.

She’s Living in the Desert of Downtown New York

And bits of blue sky are so far, so far above her

Great lyrics from the stunning Art/Folk/Rock band ‘Much Better, Thank You’ due to perform at the Golden Lion, Todmorden on the 25th June 2017 starting at 8pm.

A concert not to be missed. – Free entry – A gift to Todmorden from Todmorden’s German Twin Town: Branche

Music and Lyrics by Heidi Engel

MBTY – Line Up

A great line up of artists await to perform in Much Better, Thank You (MBTY) at the Golden Lion.  A free entry performance on 25th June 2017 in the upstairs function room.  All welcome.

This is a unique opportunity to see a truly inspiring modern day folk band with lyrics exploring today’s contemporary issues.

An amazing gift to Todmorden from our German Twin Town: Bramche.

Line up:

Heidi Engel: Lyrics, Music, Lyric Soprano, Violin
Jens Engel: Music, Electric Guitar
Michael Posch: Acoustic Guitar
Alexander Piecha: Base
Franko Frankenberg: Drums

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UK Debt

What is debt?

First we need to know what is debt so we can understand what the Government is talking about. To keep things simple:

A Debt is money that is owed to some person or other body such as a government, bank or business.

To be in debt is to be in a state where you owe money.

In this case we are talking about UK National Debt:  This is the money over spent by our politicians, the British Government, that has built up over many years.  In other words it is the running total of money owed by the UK to the private sector and other lending bodies: all of which must be paid off at sometime in the future.  It could be used as a measure a Government’s mis-management of the economy.

Some bodies may wish to confuse the issue by redefining Total Debt as Government Debt minus the Governments liquid assets (ie assets that are either cash or can be turned into cash very quickly). I will be looking into this further.  So for the time being I wish to keep things simple.  UK National Debt is the total amount of money owed by the UK to all lending bodies.  It is like our overdraft at the bank which must be paid off at some time. in the future. Where we are responsible for our overdrafts so our Government is responsible for the UK National Debt which at the time of writing stands at a massive:


One Million Eight Hundred and Sixty Eight Million Pounds

In other words

1.868 Trillion Pounds

It is increasing at a rate of £5,170 per second

This value is the equivalent to every citizen in the UK owing £30,000 or roughly speaking two years salary (I will come onto salaries later in the series)

It is our Government’s responsibility to bring down this debt or it will inevitably destroy our economy much like an unpaid overdraft will destroy a small business or indebted family.  So when Politicians start giving away money remember it is not their money they are using it is borrowed money which our children, grand children and great grand children will have to pay back.  Surely it is our Government’s responsibility to MANAGE our economy not plunge it into deeper debt with their give away budgets.



I have become so incensed at the poor level of political debate from all Parties with their appalling rhetoric and give away budgets I thought it time that we try to explore the facts about the UK economy so I have set up an economics section within my blog.  It will be an attempt to analyse and explain the UK economy and understand what the country can really afford so political decisions can be made on an evidence based judgement rather than just throw away sound bites.  It is probably too late to make any impact for this coming election.  However, by the time of the next election I hope to have a better understanding of the UK economy to challenge the political elite’s campaigning rhetoric.

I welcome all feedback.

Leopold Ruzicka: 13/09/1887 – 26/09/1976, Perfume Scientist, Nobel Laureate – Birthday

Leopold Ruzicka 13 September 1887 – 26 September 1976, Croatian-Swiss scientist, winner of the 1939 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for establishing the structure and synthesis of the many  naturally occurring scents used by today’s perfume and cosmetics industry.leopold-ruzicka

Leopold Ruzicka was born on September 13, 1887, in Vukovar, a small Croatian town on the Danube, his father a cooper by trade was Croatian and his mother German. Following the death of his father in 1891, he lived with his mother in Osijek and attended the classics-program secondary school in Osijek. He was a fairly good student but really only showed any interest in physics and mathematics, other subjects left him unfulfilled. There was no chemistry in the curriculum but he developed a great personal interest in the composition of natural products.  In 1906 he went to the Technische Hochschule at Karlsruhe, Germany, where he began his chemical studies.

In 1916 he received the support of the oldest perfume manufacturer in the world Haarman & Reimer, of Holzminden in Germany and became a Swiss citizen in 1917.  In 1921 the Geneva perfume manufacturers Chuit & Naef asked him to collaborate where his most fruitful work began by establishing the structure and synthesis of alicyclic ketones and Terpenes: the primary constituents of the essential oils of many types of plants and flowers. Essential oils are used widely as fragrances in perfumery, medicine and aromatherapy. By conducting research on the naturally occurring musk perfumes, civetone from the civit cat and muscone, the molecule responsible for the smell of musk, he provided the fragrance industry with a valuable source of new raw materials. The perfume industry required such large supplies of muscone, which could only be prepared from the musk gland of musk deer, it probably saved the musk deer from extinction. The Synthesis of these molecules and their derivatives transformed the perfume industry providing it with an even greater variety of aromas.

In the 1930s he unravelled the molecular structure of the sex hormones androsterone (1934), progesterone (1934), and testosterone (1935). His laboratory became the world centre for organic chemistry.

During World War II he was a founding member of the Swiss-Yugoslav Relief Society, and worked to rescue Jewish scientists from Nazi Germany. He was later politically active in protests against the accumulation of atomic weapons.

In 1939, he won the Nobel Prize for chemistry with Adolf Butenandt.

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